Introduction to Chakras and Energy Field

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This course runs over 7 weeks with 1 hour a week classes.


An interest in personal development, meditation or chakra system.




Introduction to the Chakras and Energy Healing( online)

Seeking expressions of interest….

This course is designed from a series of Chakra Meditations that Regina wrote and facilitated in Ireland in 2008. It is perfect for students who would love to learn about meditation, the chakra system and how small shifts in your energy field can remove door stoppers’ in your life and open doorways of opportunities and purpose. Simple daily practices can balance and energize you, as you project out this more balanced energy the Universe mirrors back this harmony which will manifest in your daily routine. The classes are based on the 7 major chakras in the body and will include important energy tools e.g. grounding, aligning and running your energy.If you miss a class you will have the opportunity of joining in on the next series

Class Structure: 7 classes , 7 chakras, 1 hour each.

Registrations open soon ( currently selecting dates in June/July for this course)




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