Mindful Meditation Series

AUMindful Meditation Series

How to meditate and important energy tools to use in every day life.

Learn from your desktop or favourite armchair at home, while you have a cup of tea!

PREREQUISITES: There are no prerequisites for this class.

CLASS DESCRIPTION: This is perfect for students who have minimal experience in meditation. Some areas it may help: anxiety, stress, poor sleep, depression, low energy, pain. Regina’s guided visualizations are very healing , energizing and empowering. You will be introduced to  breath work, stilling the mind, clearing clutter in the mind, stress management plus an introduction to the chakras and the energy field. Did you know that energy manifests in the energy field that surrounds your body (Aura) and in the Energy Centers ( chakras) before it manifests in the physical body? ( Kirlian Photography) . Being mindful of this, we can ascertain that if we regularly clear and balance our energy field through mindful techniques  we can prevent dis-ease from manifesting in the physical body. Regina will introduce you to these energy tools so you can use these as instruments in your daily life to enhance your daily life experience and wellbeing.  As you release certain non supporting energies from the energy field of the body, it allows you to become lighter, more empowered, energized and connected to a sense of purpose in your life.

CLASS METHODOLOGY: In these meditation classes Regina will guide you through an inward journey of healing while introducing the basic concepts and benefits of meditation e.g. grounding, aligning, clearing emotional states, healing, mental clarity, calmness , empowering, clearing blocks… and so many more.  Regina’s professional background and ethical standards in nursing allows her to be sensitive to peoples energy and believes that sometimes healing occurs through gentle support, re-connection and communication. Regina holds the group space for this to unfold in its own special way. As a Bodytalk therapist Regina guides the individual or group to connect with their own innate wisdom of the body to heal itself. The group energy created in these immersions are much more powerful than on your own, and is so much more fun and supporting!

 Please become familiar with Google Meet ( on the left side of your email inbox) and practice with your friends before first class. You can join via webcam/video or by audio alone. Head phones can provide better audio. Upon registration you will receive confirmation email followed by meeting ID and password to access meeting.

CLASS STRUCTURE: –  1 hour creative visualization.  $12.  (Purchase block of 5 for $50) 

CLASS SCHEDULE:Every TUESDAY ongoing : Starts  20:00 -21:00H hrs ( 1hr)(AEST)

                                -Starting July 14th 2020

 See world clock for your local time zones.

PRICE:  AU$12. per class  (Purchase block of 5 for AU$50) 

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